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INTP and Miscellaneous Wiki

This wiki is about the INTP personality type, one of the sixteen personality types of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and various INTP interests and issues such as technical issues, social issues and anything that is complex and is analytical. This wiki critiques and analyzes various ideas and articles on the Internet for logical consistency and accuracy.

Certain persons are driven by a strong moral cause, but INTPs on the other hand are driven not by values, but by truth. One may logically suggest that this is, in itself, a moral value. Moral values can be encoded in a rational framework, which suggests that rational thinkers (who stereotypically lack feelings) can and do have morals. Yet, INTP descriptions found on The Internet seemed to be heavily biased, or incomplete. Some are based on incomplete theories in cognition, such as the Jung cognitive theory, which lacks empirical support.[1]

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a website where articles can be easily expanded and updated to account for new knowledge that this INTP learns. Unlike an INTJ, who considers that a theory has been soundly proven and unlikely to change, an INTP on the other hand considers the possibility that the theory could be wrong, subjecting it to evaluation. This means that an INTP will more easily change a theory or opinion as new data becomes available, whereas an INTJ, may not be so willing to change their opinion unless the new data overwhelmingly refutes the previously held position. To facilitate this, a wiki presents the opportunity to easily update articles as this INTP integrates new knowledge.

Accuracy of Content

This wiki provides no guarantee that any information on this site is factually accurate for two reasons:

  • The Wiki is to encode theories from a rational framework
  • Limited Resources

First, you need to understand that this wiki is a collection of ideas encoded into a rational framework and provides an outlet for ideas that are not fully developed or theorized. To propose new theories is a favorite pastime for INTPs. Being rational and logically consistent is different from being factually accurate. INTPs favor intuition over sensing and as such, prefer to develop theories over reciting existing facts. Facts are used only to support the theory, but the actual fact itself is secondary to the consistency of the theory.

Second, the author of this wiki has limited resources available to be able to carry out extensive research. Even researchers with extensive resources have challenges in acquiring facts. Since facts and knowledge is not immutable, this suggests that facts could change after the wiki is updated. The author does not profess that this wiki is factually accurate. Only that that statements of fact are supported by citation and that it is that citation which asserts it to be true i.e. according to X, it is true. Moreover, who decides what is factually accurate anyway? A populous decision? A consensus of the community? Logic and truth has never been determined by a majority vote, except of course, truth statements relating to what the majority believes or does e.g. Majority people in country X believe that INTPs are cold and heartless. In this case, the majority opinion does determine the truth.

This INTP may modify the wiki if factually inaccurate material is found or add clarification as to why the said material should remain on the wiki, adding necessary citations if necessary. Statements of opinion, or common fact do not need to be cited. In other cases, material should be appropriately tagged to indicate the need to update it to reflect truth e.g. [citation needed]


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